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The Story

Behind OptiVein

The foundation of 2 decades of medical & surgical experience in combination with ongoing research allowed the culmination of OptiVein.

Dr Laura Redman, a medical doctor who specialised in General Surgery, and super specialised in Vascular Surgery founded the Vascular Centre which focused on Veins and Lymph having visited world renown units abroad in order to bring the best practice back to South Africa.

Dr Redman has a passion for Research on cardiovascular disease and preventative health aiming to improve the health of patients by lifestyle changes to decrease risk factors for cardiovascular disease, reduce medications and reduce heart attacks. Her research ranges from blood vessel plaque development, to lymphatics to nutrition.

Her practice grew a like-minded, dedicated team forming and refining protocols and grew in holistic management of patients for which the team all has a great passion and love for.

OptiVein is a culmination of the foundation of the Vascular Centre and CardioVascular Research.

The underlying principle of OptiVein is that every single cell of your body is cared for. Rather than separating organs or joints or systems, we notice the connection between every cell in your body, we notice the influence of body, mind and soul on the effects of your cell and that every single cell of your body carries your unique DNA….your code of life.

Thus we want to Optimise every one of these cells from the most microscopic level, to your organ systems and how you appear to the world.

OptiVein incorporates:

  • All major and minor venous and lymphatic surgery
  • Wounds
  • Preventative cardiovascular health
  • Vein Health and Micro-Aesthetics
  • Detoxification and de-stress

OptiVein embodies the cell as the basis of our program – the cell being the basic structural, functional, and biological unit of all known living organisms and the smallest unit of life. Cells are often called the “building blocks of life", and with more than 40 trillion available, they help provide structure for the body, take in nutrients from the surroundings, convert those nutrients into energy, and carry out specialised functions. At OptiVein we aim to optimise every single cell and thereafter the combination of the whole body working in balance, to help lead you to perfect health.

Everyone involved has a passion for optimising health.

Let us optimise your health today!