Prof Nicos Labropoulos
Stony Brook School Of Medicine, USA

Prof Antonios Gasparis
Stony Brook School Of Medicine, USA

Prof Stephen Black
Guys and St Thomas Hospital,

Prof Nils Kucher
University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

Prof Toby Richards
The Iron Clinic,

Prof Oscar Maleti
International Center of Deep Venous Surgery, Italy

Prof Marzia Lugli
International Center of Deep Venous Surgery, Italy

Prof Håkan Brorson
Skåne University Hospital,

Prof Iris Baumgartner
Vascular Malformations, Angiology & Research, Switzerland

Dr Franz-Josef Schingale
Lymphoedema, Lipoedema and Obesity Expert, Germany

Prof Wayne F Yakes
International Vascular Malformation Expert, USA

OptiVein’s International Vein & Lymphatic Network

Dr Redman is connected to world experts on an academic, clinical and personal level via
the International Vein Network.
International Conferences
> November, 2012 - Professor John Elefteriades – Aortic aneurysms, Yale University
> September, 2012 - Professor Eric Verhoeven – Complex endovascular aortic cases, Nuremberg, Germany
> October, 2012 - Professor Iris Baumgartner – Peripheral Vascular Intervention, Bern, Switzerland
> December, 2012 - Professor Ross Naylor – Carotid disease, Leicester, England
> December, 2012 - Professor George Hamilton – Arteriovenous malformations, Royal Free Hospital, London
> May, 2017 - Venous Summit Barcelona, Spain
> July, 2017 - Global Physician Exchange Program Cotignola, Italy
> November, 2017 - Iliac Vein Stenting, Guys & St Thomas Hospital (Dr Black), England
> January, 2018 - Medtronic Continuing Education, Johannesburg, South Africa
> January, 2018 - The Leipzig Interventional Course, Germany
> March, 2018 - Crossroads Education Institute Presentation, Stellenbosch, South Africa
> June, 2018 - Venous Therapies, Zurich, Switzerland
> November, 2018 - American College of Phlebology, Nashville, USA
> March, 2019 - Crossroads Endovascular Surgeons Course, Cape Town
> April, 2019 - European Venous Forum – Deep Vein Valve Repair, Modena, Italy

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