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The essence of OptiVein is a unique combination of westernised up to date cutting edge surgical intervention with holistic healing and wellness from the cellular level.

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Dr Redman is connected to world experts on an academic, clinical and personal level via the International Vein Network.
"Wherever the art of Medicine is loved,
there is also a love of Humanity."

"Wherever the art of Medicine is loved,
there is also a love of Humanity." Hippocrates
  • Super well and super happy thanks! Not a moment of trouble or pain. In fact, I have referred a lady from Bodytec to Laura. She was asking where I had it done and where I went. I couldn’t have had more good stuff to say!
    Jacqui Goodwin
  • Very satisfied patient - five-star treatment I find Dr Laura Redman's Clinic to be one of the most professional surgery's I have been to. She came highly recommended by another vascular surgeon. The reception was very welcoming. I had two procedures done on two different occasions and must say never was I treated with such compassion. The procedures went off well and I’m recovering at a speedy pace. Not forgetting on the second procedure my transport home could not make it to pick me up and Dr Redman's assistant transported me home. I would recommend anyone to Dr Redman because in what era last has a doctor transported a patient home.
    Shahiema Hendricks
  • I should have done it sooner! The centre staff were very professional and thorough in their approach which meant I was kept well informed and assured every step of the way. Doctor Redman uses the latest technology in her diagnosis coupled with her skills and experience.  The results of my procedure changed my well-being, and I should have done it sooner! Regards, Mogamat Sedick Samuels 
    M S Samuels
  • The most wonderful experience... I can testify that I underwent a procedure at the Centre and had the most wonderful experience during that and follow up procedures. I am still in the process of further treatments and can recommend the Centre to anyone that consider veins treatments
    Mrs CM Oosthuizen
  • Thank you, thank you! Just a quick, sincere note for Dr Redman, if you don’t mind passing on the message: All the ulcers have healed!!!!!!!  Yippppppeeeeeeeee! I just want to thank you for everything you have done for me, I cannot describe to you in words how grateful I am!  That a simple thing such as taking a bath/shower without having to worry about dressings or a plastic packet on my foot!  -  it just makes me extremely happy and it’s all because of your tenacity in dealing with my stubborn a$$! J and healing me in many more ways than you could imagine.  Thank you, thank you! Truly wonderful to walk into a practice that puts patients first.  Thank you.
    Liesel Shelley
  • Good morning to all at the Centre, I would like to thank each one for their wonderful care and kindness that I experienced . The best I have ever experienced in the medical field.
    Mrs Rosalie Burger
What are the main causes of varicose veins?
Varicose veins are genetic and run in families. There is a change in the ratio of collagen to elastin in a vein wall which weakens the wall and it dilates. Veins carry blood out of the leg and back to the heart against gravity. They therefore have valves within in them to prevent backflow of blood. When a vein dilates, these valves become incompetent and blood refluxes or ‘backflows’ into the leg.
Can lymphoedema be treated?
Yes, lymphoedema can be managed conservatively with lymph drainage and compression and debulking liposuction can also be done to reduce bulk.
Is there any evidence of IV therapy?
There are no randomised controlled trials for or against IV therapy and there are unlikely to ever be. The rationale for IV therapy from the OptiVein Team is based on the fact that in today’s lifestyle we may not get all the nutrients we should from food because: 1. The mineral content of soil has changed and thus the plants grown 2. Depending on the food source of meat there is a huge discrepancy in vitamins, minerals and omega’s in meat and meat products (eggs, milk, cheese) Even if the correct food choices are made (e.g butter over margarine), one may not absorb the vitamins and minerals due to: 1. A combination of foods that reduce absorption (e.g iron (meat) and calcium (dairy)) 2. Medications and the side effects thereof 3. A change in the gut microbiome Although some inflammation and oxidative stress is necessary this needs to be in balance - Lifestyle and poor food choices (fast foods, preservatives, refined sugars) may result in an increase in inflammation and oxidative stress. It is known that stressed individuals, elderly, athletes and women who diet often have micronutrient deficiencies.
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