Optivein is a Centre of Excellence in Venous and Lymphatic Surgery.
Vein or Venous Surgery is part of both General and Vascular Surgery. It is a growing area of surgical and endovenous intervention worldwide with exponential research development and large Centres growing internationally. Lymphatic disease, along with vascular malformations is another area that has never received much attention in medicine, but is becoming more recognised and more understood, and much more treatable!

OptiVein brings the first such Centre of Excellence to South Africa.

Dr Laura Redman is a both a General Surgeon and a Specialist Vascular Surgeon who has dedicated her practice to Veins and Lymphatics. She has travelled abroad multiple times to ensure we are up to date with the latest intervention, has a large International Network and aims to ensure our centre is equal to leading centres worldwide.

She spent time in multiple centres worldwide to train with experts in superficial vein disease, deep venous disease, vascular malformations, lymphoedema, lipoedema, duplex doppler ultrasound , intravascular ultrasound and more, visiting different world experts and their clinics which included vascular malformations, lymphoedema and debulking, intravascular ultrasound, aesthetic veins, deep vein valve repair and stenting.

She then opened one of the first Vein Clinic’s in South Africa, which, over the years has grown into something more - The OptiVein Centre.

Dr Redman is president of the South African Lymphatic and Venous Society (SALVS) which aims to enhance the knowledge of health care practitioners, to promote awareness of venous & lymphatic disorders within the public and healthcare sector and to stimulate research. This is all in keeping with her vision for her own practice at OptiVein Centre.

Dr Redman has built up a dedicated clinical team to diagnose and manage Vein and Lymphatic Disorders. Khaya, a vascular technologist, has been with the clinic since its inception and is skilled in vascular ultrasound and cardiovascular physiology. Jenna-Lee is an AHPCSA Therapeutic massage therapist and LAOSA Certified lymphoedema therapist, as well and she helps Dr Laura Redman run the OptiVein Clinic as well as seeing her own patients. Dr Gareth Tjasink, a plastic surgeon has joined the team to manage the plastic portion of pathology and works closely with Dr Redman on combined cases.

OptiVein Centre, has kept up to date with the newest interventions, and uses cutting edge technology in terms of imaging and intervention.

OptiVein is located within Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital which was designed for cardiovascular surgery with its state of the art hybrid theatre.

The aim of the OptiVein Centre is to improve the quality of life and outcomes of patients. One of the goals is to ensure patients are given time and are heard and their outcome is aligned to the problem they came to seek help with. Patients first encounter our administration team, who are just as dedicated as the clinical team.

The foundation of 2 decades of medical & surgical experience in combination with ongoing research allowed the culmination of the OptiVein mindset with a focus on cardiovascular and disease prevention, wellness through nutrition and improving quality of life.

Dr Redman has a passion for research on cardiovascular disease and preventative health aiming to improve the health of patients by lifestyle changes to decrease risk factors for cardiovascular disease, reduce medications and reduce heart attacks. Her research ranges from blood vessel plaque development, to lymphatics to nutrition. From this she developed a Healthy Heart Assessment combining all non-invasive technologies to assess one’s risk of future heart attack or stroke and where prevention can be employed.

Her practice grew a like-minded, dedicated team forming and refining protocols together, and grew in holistic management of patients for which the team all has a great passion and love for. Prevention is key. Wellness is prevention. However, we often have to work backwards to get there!

The underlying principle of OptiVein is that every single cell of your body is cared for. Rather than separating organs or joints or systems, we notice the connection between every cell in your body, we notice the influence of body, mind and soul on the effects of your cell and that every single cell of your body carries your unique DNA…your code of life.

Thus we want to Optimise every one of these cells from the most microscopic level, to your organ systems inside to your external appearance…to holistically get the best version of you.

Thus this unique combination of westernised up to date technology and cutting edge surgical interventions with holistic healing and wellness is what makes up OptiVein.

OptiVein’s International Vein & Lymphatic Network
Dr Redman is connected to world experts on an academic, clinical and personal level via the International Vein Network.

"Wherever the art of Medicine is loved,
there is also a love of Humanity." Hippocrates

  • Super well and super happy thanks! Not a moment of trouble or pain. In fact, I have referred a lady from Bodytec to Laura. She was asking where I had it done and where I went. I couldn’t have had more good stuff to say!
    Jacqui Goodwin
  • Very satisfied patient - five-star treatment I find Dr Laura Redman's Clinic to be one of the most professional surgery's I have been to. She came highly recommended by another vascular surgeon. The reception was very welcoming. I had two procedures done on two different occasions and must say never was I treated with such compassion. The procedures went off well and I’m recovering at a speedy pace. Not forgetting on the second procedure my transport home could not make it to pick me up and Dr Redman's assistant transported me home. I would recommend anyone to Dr Redman because in what era last has a doctor transported a patient home.
    Shahiema Hendricks
  • I should have done it sooner! The centre staff were very professional and thorough in their approach which meant I was kept well informed and assured every step of the way. Doctor Redman uses the latest technology in her diagnosis coupled with her skills and experience.  The results of my procedure changed my well-being, and I should have done it sooner! Regards, Mogamat Sedick Samuels 
    M S Samuels
  • The most wonderful experience... I can testify that I underwent a procedure at the Centre and had the most wonderful experience during that and follow up procedures. I am still in the process of further treatments and can recommend the Centre to anyone that consider veins treatments
    Mrs CM Oosthuizen
  • Thank you, thank you! Just a quick, sincere note for Dr Redman, if you don’t mind passing on the message: All the ulcers have healed!!!!!!!  Yippppppeeeeeeeee! I just want to thank you for everything you have done for me, I cannot describe to you in words how grateful I am!  That a simple thing such as taking a bath/shower without having to worry about dressings or a plastic packet on my foot!  -  it just makes me extremely happy and it’s all because of your tenacity in dealing with my stubborn a$$! J and healing me in many more ways than you could imagine.  Thank you, thank you! Truly wonderful to walk into a practice that puts patients first.  Thank you.
    Liesel Shelley
  • Good morning to all at the Centre, I would like to thank each one for their wonderful care and kindness that I experienced . The best I have ever experienced in the medical field.
    Mrs Rosalie Burger

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