Adipose & Aesthetics

Adipose & Aesthetics

Summary for OptiVein Aesthetics & Advanced Cellular Health
The combination of Vein & Plastic Surgery is a unique union and the first of its kind. Dr Laura Redman and Dr Gareth Tjasink decided to unite their skills in the realm of aesthetic phlebology and adipose disorders, and create a niche combination of surgical specialities.

Dr Redman’s interest in vein and lymphatic disorders resulted in her dedicating her entire practice to these two subjects and within this realm falls preventative medicine and an optimising lifestyle. This was in keeping with Dr Redman’s research on nutrition and the build-up of blockages in blood vessels with the subsequent development of the Healthy Heart Assessment to see one’s risk for a heart attack or stroke (Link to Healthy Heart Assessment) as well as the development of the IV nutrition. Dr Redman created a unique series of drips along with a pharmacist whom she works closely with, in order to optimise health at a cellular level

Dr Redman pioneered debulking surgery for lymphoedema in South Africa whereafter the treatment of lipoedema started to develop and Dr Redman works with 2 plastic surgeons for this condition. Adipose conditions are becoming increasingly more understood and management is advancing. She has visited two units abroad that treat both lymphoedema and lipoedema, both with internationally renowned surgeons.
Obesity management including obesity-related lymphoedema are also being increasingly seen and managed worldwide. Dr Redman has been involved in conferences on international discussions regarding this holistic management which is what she hopes to drive here in South Africa with a multidisciplinary and lifestyle programme.

Dr Redman visited an Aesthetic Phlebology clinic in Portugal and has subsequently used some of that knowledge to specifically formulate solutions which can usually only be obtained abroad.

Lastly her interest in vascular malformations resulted in an invitation and opportunity to observe 4 top world experts in Switzerland. She then started to develop the same set up in South Africa, for which a plastic surgeon is essential on the team.
Dr Tjasink was the perfect surgeon to join the OptiVein Team. Having run a burns unit, been involved in vascular malformation treatments, having performed some aesthetic phlebology and having an interest in facial reconstructive surgery, the combination of health from a cellular level to cardiovascular wellness to beauty is complete.

Dr Tjasink adds to the team by treating lipoedema with liposuction, managing obesity complications, treating hand veins with complimentary techniques, , managing fatty deposits after leg veins are optimised and utilises Dr Redman’s IV formulations for the benefits for optimising skin conditions overlying treatment areas.
Dr Tjasink also has an interest in weight loss and weight management and compliments the OptiVein Team’s management on weight issues.

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Adipose & Aesthetics