Dr Laura Redman

MBChB, MMed, FCS (SA) Cert.
Vascular and General Specialist Surgeon

Dr Laura Redman is a qualified Specialist Surgeon both in General and Vascular Surgery. She has also completed a Master’s Degree in Medicine.
Dr Redman has focused her practice on and developed a Centre of Excellence in Veins, Lymphoedema and Wounds as well as Cardiovascular Prevention. She has travelled abroad multiple times to ensure the Centre is up to date with the latest intervention, is connected Internationally Network and aims to ensure the OptiVein Centre is equal to leading centres worldwide.

Dr Redman is president of the South African Lymphatic and Venous Society (SALVS) which aims to enhance the knowledge of health care practitioners, to promote awareness of venous & lymphatic disorders within the public and healthcare sector and to stimulate research.
Dr Redman hosts the Radcliffe Vein Podcasts.
Dr Redman is academically accredited, having published in local and international journals, coedited an American Journal issue of Progress in Cardiovascular Disease on aneurysms and presented internationally in both France and Switzerland. She has won academic prizes – locally for a vascular dissertation and internationally for Best Scientific Paper.

She is part of the Cape Advanced WoundCare Association and she is on the editorial board for the Wound Healing South African Journal and she is on the board of the Lymphoedema Association of South Africa.
Dr Redman has started a holistic MultiDisciplinary Team approach to limb problems called Limb4Life. Dr Redman is on the advisory board for the Lymphatic Association Of South Africa.

She is actively involved in the worldwide community of Veins and Lymphatics, having presented on numerous international webinars and conferences for Europe, USA, South America and the UK. She has also been a panelist on many webinars for industry.
Dr Redman is actively involved with education, running the South African Venous and Lymphatic webinars, being a procter for both laser and RadioFrequency Ablation, training vascular surgeons in vein surgery and part of the organising committee for the Vascular Trainees workshop. She hosted the International Vein week in South Africa.

Dr Redman works closely with her team to whom she is very committed and encourages them all to be experts in their field while maintaining care for their patients and passion in the love of medicine.

Dr Redman has attended numerous venous conferences and courses including:

  • Venous stenting course (Zurich)
  • Intravascular Ultrasound course (Lake Garda, Italy)
  • American College of Phlebology Conference (Nashville, USA)
  • Venous Symposium, New York, USA, Venous Summit (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Venous (EVF How) workshop (London)
  • CIRSE (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Covidien Venefit Course
  • Vascular Ultrasound Course (Manchester)

Dr Redman has opened the first Vein & Lymphatic Centre in South Africa - The OptiVein Centre. She developed her expertise in this area by visiting expert centres abroad in each of these fields and bringing first world protocols back to South Africa:

  • Superficial Venous Disease: Professor Nicos Labropoulos (Stony Brook, New York)
  • Deep Venous Disease: Professor Stephen Black, Guys & St Thomas (London, UK).
  • Vascular malformations: Difficult cases with experts: Prof Baumgartner, Professor Wayne Yakes, Professor Krassi Ivancev, Professor Raul Matasssi (Bern, Switzerland).
  • Aesthetic phlebology training: Dr Joana Carvalho, Allure Aesthetic Vein Clinic (Porto, Portugal).
  • Lymphoedema Debulking Liposuction Training: Dr Hakan Brorson (Malmo, Sweden).
  • Deep Venous Valve Repair Course; European Venous Course — EVF How Plus: Professor Oscar Maleti & Professor Marzia Lugli (Modena, Italy).
  • Lymphoedema, lipoedema and obesity management: Dr Franz Schingale, Lympho - Opt Clinic (Pommelsbrunn, Germany).

OptiVein’s International Vein & Lymphatic Network

Dr Redman is connected to world experts on an academic, clinical and personal level via the International Vein Network.

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