Vascular & General Specialist Surgeon

Laura Redman

Dr Laura Redman is a qualified Specialist Surgeon both in General and Vascular Surgery. She has also completed a Masters in Medicine. She has a passion in research with a strong passion to make a difference to the masses of people affected by cardiovascular disease. She has a great interest in cardiovascular disease, continuously researches and realises that the best way to help patients is by preventing them from getting cardiovascular disease and requiring high-risk surgeries.

This interest and research brought the idea of the Healthy Heart Assessment and OptiVein programme. She aimed to create awareness in individuals’ lives of their risk of cardiovascular disease and how they can reduce this risk by lifestyle and medical management. She has done extensive research into nutrition as well as the science behind nutrition and its relationship to health.

Dr Redman decided to focus her practice on Cardiovascular Prevention and on a specialised unit of Veins, Lymphoedema and Wounds. Over the past few years, she developed her expertise in this area and became a part of the growing worldwide community of Veins and Lymphatics.

Dr Redman is academically accredited, having published in local and international journals, co-edited an American Journal issue of Progress in Cardiovascular Disease on aneurysms and presented internationally in both France and Switzerland. She has won academic prizes – locally for a vascular dissertation and internationally for Best Scientific Paper.

She visited the Vein Clinic of the world renown Professor Labropoulos in New York and developed an outpatient based vein clinic based on their protocols.
She went on to develop a Deep Vein clinic referring to deep vein thrombosis and its complications on pelvic congestion syndrome. In order to gain this expertise, she spent time in International Venous Surgeons units who have Centres of Excellence. This includes Dr Stephen Black’s unit at Guys and St Thomas in the UK and Professor Nils Kucher in Zurich.

Dr Redman visited Dr Brorsons unit in Malmo, Sweden to learn surgical management and optimisation of patients with Lymphoedema.

Dr Redman completed the Wessex Scientific Vascular Ultrasound Course in Manchester and completed a training course in Italy on this Intravascular Ultrasound for Venous Disease. She has attended multiple international Venous Conferences.

Dr Redman aims to have a Centre of Excellence with regards to this aspect of vascular surgery with ongoing research.

She is part of the Cape Advanced Wound Care Association and she is on the editorial board for the Wound Healing South African Journal and she is on the board of the Lymphoedema Association of South Africa.

Dr Redman has started a holistic MultiDisciplinary Team approach to limb problem called Limb4Life.

Dr Redman is on the advisory board for the Lymphatic Association Of South Africa.

Dr Redman still practices General Surgery doing minor procedures of “Lumps and Bumps’ with a focus on ensuring good cosmetic outcomes.

Vascular Clinical Technologist

Gcina "Khaya" Seleteng

Gcina "Khaya" Seleteng is a qualified Vascular Technologist. He completed a National Diploma in Clinical Technology at the Durban University of Technology and subsequently specialised in the Vascular Laboratory. Khaya also trained as a cardiac perfusionist (the person who controls the bypass machine in open heart surgery) and thus has a great love for the entire cardiovascular system. Khaya has a great academic interest and is currently writing up academic papers related to veins.

Physiotherapist / Ergonomics Assessor

Carla Janson

Carla has been a physiotherapist for 17 years, 8 of which were in Europe. In this time, I have seen a radical increase in postural back and neck pain, (often already chronic), which includes jaw problems, headaches and more complicated conditions like thoracic outlet. The rapid change in technology demands long hours at computers, no matter what your career is and exercise/movement is now a scheduled time in the diary. This condensed exercise regime often just ends in injury as a result. Consequently, patients are more dependent on medication to manage pain and I would like to change that with a more holistic approach. I have a special interest in managing lifestyles with nutrition to ultimately improve cellular health which will also change the healing capacity of the body.

Lymphoedema Therapist

Kate Brinckman

Kate Brinckmann is a physiotherapist and certified lymphoedema therapist treating many patients with secondary lymphoedema related to lifestyle factors. Her interests include preventative care and optimising health in non-symptomatic clients through the use of manual lymphatic drainage, exercise therapy and education. Kate qualified with a BSc(Hons)Physiotherapy from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2000. She then worked in various ICU, orthopaedics and rehab settings before continuing as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist in England for 10 years. It was here that she completed a PGCert in Neuromusculoskeketal Physiotherapy from the University of Brighton. Kate pursued her interest in manual lymphatic drainage on her return to Cape Town, becoming a Certified Lymphoedema Therapist through ILWTI in 2016.

Psychologist / Peak Performance Coach

Andrea Kellerman

Andrea Kellerman is a registered educational and sport psychologist who has been working with children and adults for the past 25 years. Andrea has lectured and taught children and adults at school, college and university level. After having studied Human Movement Science, Biokinetics, Psychology, Hypnotherapy and Neurofeedback / Brain Training, she worked in hospitals, a crisis centre and private practice where she has helped many people who suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, eating disorders, concentration problems, ADD/ADHD, people who needed to stop smoking, lose weight and reduce phobias.

Furthermore, she has helped many athletes to increase their sporting performance, achieving great success.

Andrea was a member of the German National Vaulting team when she was younger and has won many titles, such as first places in German, International, Open American Championships and second places in the European World Championships. Her sporting career and studies in the fields of Psychology, Biokinetics and Human Movement Science have given her unique knowledge, perspective and insight to work with and help athletes and others to reach their optimal performance level. Andrea is the co- founder of the EQ Advantage Courses and has worked hard to get the course to as many schools and companies as possible. In the course of her career, she has written numerous articles for different magazines and newspapers and has been interviewed by national and international radio and TV programs. Furthermore, Andrea regularly gives educational talks in different settings and is actively involved in advancing the fields of Neurofeedback / Brain Training, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Intelligence and Memory improvement. Andrea keeps up to date with current trends which she uses to offer a diverse service incorporating hypnotherapy, Neurofeedback and nutritional health into her therapies.

Massage Therapist

Nomatter H Musakanyi

Nomatter is a qualified massage therapist who specialises in hand, foot, head and body massage. Nomatter trained at Cape Nail and Beauty Academy. She is a fun-loving, high-spirited individual with a smile that can light up your day. She focuses on making your experience as calming and comforting as possible with the ability to take you to a place of tranquillity.

Nursing Sister

Sr Paddy Regnart

Sister Paddy Regnart is a qualified Nursing Sister. She specialised in Advanced Paediatrics, Nursing Administration and Community Health. She was previously a Matron at Red Cross Children’s Hospital and knowns how to run an efficient and sterile clinic. Her passion is people and she genuinely cares about all her patients. Sr Paddy will make you feel safe and comfortable with genuine care and take you through your consultations, procedures and guide you in health from her vast knowledge and medical experience.

OptiVein Admin Team

Tracy Joubert

Tracy is an experienced in administration and is highly efficient in managing all administrative queries and issues.

Tracy is approachable and friendly, and although her role is administrative work, she is available to patients and willing to help with all matters. She has experience from various medical backgrounds and was previously a dental nurse so she knows how to look after patients.

Gadija Kippie

Gadija studied at Varsity college, and with an accounting passion, subsequently went into medical accounts which she has grown to love immensely. Throughout her years in this profession, she has opened her own independent contracting company. Although most of OptiVein does not go through medical aid, some aspects can and Gadija has a great knowledge of how to help you with any medical aid or other account queries.

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