Diagnosis of Lipoedema


There is no test or investigation that will confirm or exclude lipoedema but rather it is based on a clinical diagnosis and symptoms. At the OptiVein Clinic we have established a protocol in trying to accurately diagnose and manage patients with lipoedema. It is also important to see if the patient has extra weight in addition to the lipoedema fat. An Adipose Scan may assist in the diagnosis – this is an ultrasound that measures certain areas for thickness of adipose (fatty tissue) deposition as there is seemingly a pattern in patients with lymphoedema.

We also assess the veins in the legs with a Vein Scan as if these are not draining the legs properly this may contribute to swelling and pain. We assess the Nutritional Status of the patient by taking some parameters including measurements and bloods. Finally we Type and Stage patients according to the distribution of the adipose tissue and the texture of the adipose tissue as well.

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Diagnosis of Lipoedema