Dr Laura Redman
MBChB, FCS (SA), Cert Vascular Surgery, MMED
Vascular and General Specialist Surgeon

Dr Laura Redman is a qualified Specialist Surgeon both in General and Vascular Surgery. She has also completed a Master’s Degree in Medicine. Dr Redman has focused her practice on and developed a Centre of Excellence in Veins, Lymphoedema and Wounds as well as Cardiovascular Prevention. She has travelled abroad multiple times to ensure the Centre is up to date with the latest intervention, is connected to an International Network and aims to ensure the OptiVein Centre is equal to leading centres worldwide.

Dr Gareth Tjasink
MBChB, FC Plast
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

As a board-certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who holds Fellowship of the South African College of Plastic Surgeons, Dr Tjasink is a skilled plastic surgeon in Cape Town based at the Chris Barnard Memorial Hospital. He began his undergraduate studies in the USA and completed his MBCHB at the University of Cape Town. He subsequently went on to further his post graduate studies in General surgery at the university of the Witwatersrand, and completed his specialisation in Plastic and reconstruction at WITS. His philosophy is a patient based approach to both cosmetics and reconstruction, where knowledge is imparted to afford the patient the best possible choices for a natural and safe cosmetic result.

Dr Tjasink is a specialist Cosmetic and Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon and is a member of:

  • APRSSA (Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of South Africa)
  • ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons)
  • SABS and sits on the executive committee for the South African Burns society
  • GALDERMA KOL & National Trainer, training GPs and specialists safe and natural techniques for injectables.

In addition to his private practice at the Netcare Chris Barnard Memorial Hospital with Optivein he performs cosmetic surgeries at the Alchimia Clinic in Kloof street in Cape Town.


Often the best surgeon is one that knows when not to operate, Dr Tjasink’s philosophy is one that adheres to this dictum. Realistic natural and safe results are his goals. A patient should be noticed for all the right reasons, and not because their appearance has drastically changed or looks unnatural. The best version of you is our goal. Ensuring that all his patients feel comfortable and confident on every level that they are in capable hands is something we strive for. Multiple consultations are encouraged prior to a surgery and he actively encourages a second visit to answer any additional questions that may be lingering or unclear.

Dr Gavin Wyndham Jones
Specialist Anaesthetist

Completed undergraduate medical training at the University of the Witwatersrand in 1991.

Dr Jones spent 4 years working in anaesthesia in the UK and successfully completed the British Fellowship in London. During his time abroad he also worked as a ship’s physician with P&O / Princess and Carnival Cruise lines for approximately 4 years. Dr Jones returned to South Africa in 2002 and completed an MBA at the GSB (Graduate School of Business UCT) and worked for the pharmaceutical industry in various capacities for 8 years.

He returned to clinical medicine in 2011 and after completing his South African Fellowship in Anaesthesia and Masters of Medicine Diploma, has been working full time in private practice since 2015. He is actively involved with Operation Smile, an organization that provides comprehensive cleft care around the world and he is the Regional Medical Officer for Operation Smile Southern Africa. He is currently an associate with ACT (Anaesthesia Cape Town) practicing mostly in the Southern Suburbs and Central Cape Town areas and has special interests in Plastic, Vascular, ENT, Maxillofacial, Orthopaedic and Trauma surgery.

Dr Jones has worked with Dr Redman since the inception of the Vein and Lymphatic Centre and through the development of OptiVein. He is skilled in all the peri-operative management of all venous and lymphatic problems and has been part of developing peri-operative protocols for the specific venous and lymphatic conditions. Dr Jones, an elite athlete, has also encouraged Dr Redman’s development of intravenous nutrition tailored to sport. Dr Jones takes a great interest in all his patients and is fully dedicated to optimal outcomes. He is an integral part of the OptiVein Team!

Gcina “Khaya” Seleteng
Vascular Clinical Technologist

Gcina “Khaya” Seleteng is a qualified Vascular Technologist. He completed a National Diploma in Clinical Technology at the Durban University of Technology and subsequently specialised in the Vascular Laboratory. Khaya also trained as a cardiac perfusionist (the person who controls the bypass machine in open heart surgery) and thus has a great love for the entire cardiovascular system. Khaya has a great academic interest and has published a paper on venous disease in veins . Khaya takes a great interest in veins, takes his time to perform detailed & accurate scans and has helped developed most of the vein protocols with Dr Redman, working closely alongside her on all aspects of vein management.

Jennna-Lee Garbers
AHPCSA Registered Therapeutic Massage Therapist, LAOSA Certified Lymphoedema Therapist

Jenna-Lee Garbers is our resident Lymphoedema Therapist. She completed her Diploma in Therapeutic massage and is registered with Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa. She is a highly qualified Therapeutic massage therapist and she is also a certified lymphoedema therapist and a member of the Lymphoedema Association of South Africa. Jenna is a kind hearted, caring and hardworking individual who has always had a passion for caring for others. Jenna-Lee prides herself in keeping up to date with the latest research in order to provide excellent quality treatments for all her patients. Throughout her studies, she realized the lack of awareness for those with Lymphatic conditions and because of this, she is constantly thinking of new ideas to maximise her patient treatment results and spends time spreading awareness for lymphatic conditions such as lymphoedema and Lipoedema.

Jenna-Lee has a passion for Lipoedema, and along with Dr Laura Redman has developed a successful Lipoedema clinic that offers education, treatment and personalised homecare management plans for each Lipoedema patient.

She works closely with Dr Redman and is very proud to be a part of a multi-disciplinary team that has a genuine care for every patient that visits Optivein.

OptiVein Wellness

Nomatter Musakanyi
Massage Therapist

Nomatter is a qualified massage therapist who specialises in hand, foot, head and body massage. Nomatter trained at Cape Nail and Beauty Academy. She is a fun-loving, genuine and high-spirited individual with a smile that will brighten up your day. She focuses on making your experience as calming and comforting as possible with the ability to take you to a place of tranquillity.

OptiVein Administration Team

Tracy Joubert
OptiVein Practice Manager

Tracy is highly experienced in administration and is very efficient in managing all administrative queries and issues. She has an indepth knowledge of medical aid issues, and willingly assists our patients with this to help alleviate their stress. Tracy is deeply dedicated to her work and ensures no patient is left unheard.

Tracy is approachable and friendly, and a vital member of the OptiVein Team, being willing and available to help all patients with their journey through the practice. Not only has she gained experience from various medical administration work, she has observed vein surgeries and was previously a qualified dental nurse in London, so she understands, empathises and assists with the patients’ entire journey.

Alison Kilian
OptiVein Clinical Assistant

Alison is our multi-talented problem solver who has a love for all things medical; and an even stronger love for helping patients. She is efficient and willing to assist in all aspects of the practice running.

She is qualified in both ophthalmic dispensing and dental nursing and has developed a love for veins and lymphatic surgery, many of which she has observed. Alison will rise to any challenge presented and actively seeks out new opportunities to learn.

Alison’s key strength is her people skills and she will assist patients with their journey from the time of booking to the post procedural healing, being a key player in the OptiVein Team.

Gadija Kippie
OptiVein Admin Team: Accounts

Gadija Kippie manages the billing in the OptiVein team. She studied at Varsity college, and with an accounting passion, subsequently went into medical accounts which she has grown to love immensely.

Gadija is approachable, and has a great knowledge of billing and very willing to help patients with any medical aid or other account queries.

Dawn Hillman
OptiVein Admin Team

Dawn Hillman has a wealth of corporate experience having worked for one of the top Insurance companies in Cape Town managing Retirement and Group Risk benefits for companies. Her last job just before joining the practice was at the College of Magic (an NPO)– the only one of its kind in the world, teaching young people from every walk of life to become Magicians, and where learning is fun, life skills are nurtured, and captivating, empowering and transforming young lives.

She is an active Board member and secretary (voluntary) of an NGO involved with the upliftment of the community/youth in Grassy Park, Khayelitsha, Manenberg, and Langa, and the rehabilitation of prisoners at Pollsmoor Prison, and was Secretary & Treasurer of the Progressive Women’s Movement of South Africa – Western Cape.

Held a portfolio on the Executive Committee of the Western Province Tennis Association. She is an ardent tennis and lawn bowls player and runs 10km three days a week to keep fit. She represented Western Province Tennis at the Interprovincial tournaments held in the various provinces. Enjoys reading various type of material.

She is passionate about the responsible use and protection of the natural environment, the well-being of all animals, nature and the upliftment of the community, and a firm believer in the empowerment of individuals.

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