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Spider Veins

"Spider veins" are characterised by thin hair-like veins that usually appear on your legs or face. The condition, also known as telangiectasia, is generally harmless and painless but you might find its appearance undesirable.

Spider veins occur when the walls of small, superficial blood vessels in your legs or face become weakened and burst. This can be due to sun damage or increased pressure in the blood vessels caused by obesity, age, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances or other genetic factors.

The condition usually occurs in blood vessels that are 0.1 mm to 1 mm in diameter and is characterised by its blue or red spider web-like appearance. Spider veins can appear in clusters or as small threads and is most commonly found on the legs.

Spider Vein treatment at OptiVein

At OptiVein, we will conduct a brief scan to pinpoint the areas of your body affected by spider veins and also identify which feeding vein is making them visible. Once identified, we will conduct sclerotherapy to treat the spider veins and improve their appearance.

During sclerotherapy, we will inject a sclerosant medication directly into the identified vein and its branches. The medicine irritates the vein walls, and they collapse, rendering them invisible. This treatment is highly effective, but spider veins could reappear if there is an underlying cause that goes untreated.

You may need multiple sclerotherapy session to effectively get rid of spider veins. The number of treatments, however, is based on your specific needs. A 4 to 6-week treatment break is required when treating the same area because you can’t have too many injections in a single session.

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