OptiVein Programme

OptiVein Health Programme

OptiVein has certain ways of life, that can be incorporated into ones daily life no matter what one does with the aim of continuously moving, detoxing and revitalising cells.

It is a way of life of how to incorporate small changes to make your life healthier.

We offer IV vitamins and minerals to help each of your trillion cells cope with what we throw at them daily – high volumes of food, toxins, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, parabens etc.

In today's world, with all we put into and onto our bodies, we experience and increase in cell oxidative stress. This leads to chronic inflammation, disease and accelerated ageing. On top of this with chronic stress – which is a real health problem today – we age more quickly and get more chronic diseases.

The OptiVein Programme also offers the Healthy Heart Assessment which evaluates your heart age, cardiovascular status and risk of heart attack, and assesses what medical and lifestyle changes can be made to improve this risk. We also have a psychologist to assess your stress levels and type of stress.

Our OptiVein doctor and dietitian will start this journey with you and individualise and optimise your medical and lifestyle health, helping you reduce the oxidative stress your body may be under and implementing ways to maintain daily health…without rigid diets and exercise regimes.

As needed, you will be directed to any team member of OptiVein including a functional trainer for a programme, physiotherapist for ergonomics or movement or a psychologist for peak performance management.

Let us optimise your health today!