Detoxification & De-Stress

Detoxification &

Stress is meant to be short-lived and healthy for us, a "flight or fight" response at a dangerous time or at a time of fear. However, in our current fast paced lives, it has become chronic and this is proven to lead to accelerated ageing, weight gain reduced memory and increased cardiovascular disease.

Stress also influences how our cells function with resultant increase in oxidative stress which leads to chronic inflammation and disease.

At OptiVein we aim to get you to understand whether you are stressed, what type of stress you have and how you can decrease this in your current lifestyle. We also aim to increase movement in the body to get the lymph to move. We offer services to assess stress, to detoxify you, move lymph and relax.

Services we offer:

Cell Level - Detox & De-Stress

At the cell level, all waste and toxins need to be moved away and ultimately taken to de-toxifying organs such as the kidneys and liver. However, in order to get to these organs the lymph moves all toxins around each cell. Lymph can only move if the body is moving – lymph mainly moves when our blood vessels pump, when we are breathing properly and when or ,muscles contract. Sometimes if there has been leg swelling or we have not been moving properly the lymph doesn't drain well form the legs.

The Lymphatic Machine will "kick start" your lymphatics to drive lymph in the legs. Concomitantly, we have an on-site Certified Massage Therapist. She specialises in head, hand, body and foot massage. The benefits of having a massage may promote muscular relaxation, mental rejuvenation, improvement of blood flow and thus the detoxification of overloaded cells. It is a simple time-out from a busy and demanding lifestyle that one leads, and will highly improve your sense of wellbeing.

Am I Chronically Stressed or Tired?

We understand that the contribution of stress to disease is often under-appreciated. Thus, at OptiVein we assess one’s current state of stress by undergoing a stress test. This stress test is sent to a Psychologist whom evaluates it further and sends you feedback. She is able to tell you to what degree you are stressed and what type of stress this is – i.e if you are "tired" or "wired"! If one knows the degree of stress, it is a good starting point. Then one can work with simple stress management in one’s daily life, and if necessary, take it further.

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