Corporate Services

Don't burnout in the peak of your prime. With OptiVein become that elite Corporate Athlete within you.

Imagine being in your prime in your career and yet you still have the potential to become even better. Just as athletes train to perform at their ultimate best in sport, you too can become an elite Corporate Athlete. When you are at your prime in work, you are also at increased risk of poor health– in particularly sudden heart attack. Stressful jobs have shown to double the risk of heart attack even in the absence of risk factors. Stressful jobs often lead to poor nutrition, a more sedentary lifestyle and bad habits such as excessive drinking and smoking.

Burnout is now a common phrase. When an executive has a sudden heart attack or stroke, the company is usually surprised. However, if we perform heart ages and risk assessment one can see that it was not actually such a surprise, and with certain changes could have possibly been prevented. At OptiVein we can assess where to make the lifestyle and medical changes and how you can implement them to function at your peak during your working prime. Additionally, OptiVein will assess your stress levels and what type of stress you have. After a heart attack, back problems are the biggest functional occupational work problem.

This is often related to ergonomics – how we sit, our posture at the desk, use of the hand on the phone and computer mouse.

Expensive office ergonomics are not always necessary if one can be aware of one’s environment and how to Optimise it. OptiVein has an ergonomics physiotherapist who will assess your workspace and daily activities to optimise your bones, joints and posture. OptiVein offers intravenous vitamins, minerals and amino acids to boost your energy, help you function at your best and combat burnout. Lastly, on top of psychology we offer detoxification (lymph drainage) and massage to help reduce stress. We understand time is valuable so we do offer mobile group packages and will come to your office space.

What OptiVein Offers

Every company and employee has different health needs and goals. Not only with goals in mind, we understand that your time is of the essence. Thus, our programme is not only fundamental to one’s wellness and health but is versatile in accommodating you.

Healthy Heart Assessments

To help keep your employees in pristine health, our corporate package includes a full healthy heart assessment, a program that utilises and assesses your cardiovascular risk factors along with scanning your carotid arteries. This information gets plotted into a specialised scoring system to determine your heart risk.

Tailored IV Vitamin & Mineral Infusions

We provide you with a relaxing, customisable intravenous vitamin infusion. This means not only will you have vital doses of vitamins infused directly into your bloodstream, but you may take a digital vitamin deficiency test, to see where you are lacking and thus choose your own ingredients and create your own infusion.

Lymphatic Drainage / Detoxification

We provide you with a session on our exclusive lymphatic machine. This machine helps reduce pain and swelling of the lower limbs, promotes circulatory and lymphatic flow by moving fluid in the right physiological direction and thus helps detoxify, destress and renew oneself. Additionally or alternatively, we have a massage therapist who can de-stress you by offering hand, head or body massages.

Ergonomics Assessments

An assessment is done by our professional Ergonomics Physiotherapist, examining your own work space to see how you can optimise your posture and body mobility to prevent future back, neck and joint problems.

Let us optimise your health today!